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The Borgarholtsskóli Sport Academy [SA] has in recent years established it self as a solid option for aspiring student-athletes. We emphasise our values discipline-respect-expectations in both sport and academic studies. We have today, a total of 100 students from many sports such as basketball, handball, soccer, dance, swimming and golf. Students get three sessions each week, including, technical session, strength and conditioning and theoretical training. These activities are designed to be an  excellent addition to the students club training during the afternoon in their respective sport. The Sport Academy consists of 30 units of a 200 FEIN units required for graduation, 5 units on each of the 6 semesters offered. The SA offers special grants to students who represent their sports national team during the semester for 25.000 ISK.

Here you can access the application for in Icelandic. To be delivered to the schools offices along with a letter of recommendation from coach SMELLA

Our website with important information (in Icelandic): SMELLA

Link to a video showing activities of our academy SMELLA

For further information, please contact project manager

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Sveinn Þorgeirsson,

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